Small Business

As small businesses grow, and evolve–they often realize how important it is to have a library of high quality images that they can pick, and choose from, as they see fit. (Without worrying about copyright, image quality, or paying astronomical rates for individual images.) Whether a business needs images for their website, for marketing materials, social media, blogs, business cards, etc., that’s where I come in. After collaborating with a business owner, we find a chunk of time that works for both of us, and I come in to photography whatever the owner needs. Sometimes it’s product shots, other times it’s an event the business is hosting, sometimes it’s head shots for all of the employees; often times, it’s a mix of all of the above, and then some.

Jenson’s Fashion Session

After being in business for 80 years, this shop knows a thing, or two, about fashion. It’s always my pleasure to head into the shot to shoot their new arrivals.

Mad Hatter

This shoot was absolutely adorable! Belle came in to host a Beauty and the Beast tea party–and, I was there to capture it all.

Minnesota Company Fall Clothing Shoot

This was a fun one! We shot all around Anoka, for this Anoka company. The idea was shooting for Instagram, and social media, mostly–so, we went cute, flirty, and modern with our expressions and poses. (While also holding onto that strong, MN, feel.)

Main Floral/Sweet River Candy

I have been working with these two, fabulous, shops for five years now. I do all of their photography, as well as blogging and social media work. Here are a few of my favorite, current, images from the two companies.

Mad Hatter Winter Gallery

Before taking down all of their gorgeous, holiday, decorations–The Mad Hatter Tea Room in Anoka had me come in to shoot for them. When they start marketing toward the 2017 winter holidays, they have all of the images they need for their campaigns. (Things get so hectic that time of year for businesses–this is one, less, thing they now need to worry about.)

Discover Anoka Gallery

I work with the merchants of Anoka often. These shots were from Fall of 2016 when they asked me to update all of the images for all of the stores. They now have ‘universal’ looking images to share on social media, use for their marketing materials, and post on their website. From the mattress shop, to the dog grooming school, to the cafe’s, to the antique stores, and EVERYTHING in between–I shot it.