Spring Fashion :: Twin Cities Photographer

Good morning and happy Monday! Spring + fashion + great models = today’s photos on the blog. These shots are all from last weekend when I was working with Jenson’s, in Anoka. They needed fresh, springy, images for their website, social media, and printing projects–so, they called me in, and we got to work. A couple hours, a lot of outfits, and a bunch of poses later, they now have an updated portfolio.

If you’re interested in any of these looks, they’re all on the shelves now. Check out their website for info on their location, and hours: www.jensonsstore.com

For now though…check out the images from last week…

Schedule and Palettes :: Anoka Area Photographer

Hey there. 🙂 Tonight I’m just poppin’ in for a couple of random, photography update, quickies. First of all…my schedule is changing a bit in the upcoming future. I will not be scheduling new clients from August, through the turn of the year. Also, I will not be scheduling any weddings, even if you’re my best friend in the whole world, from August through November. Of course I will be here for all of my regular, returning, clients–the whole Christmas card need is real. 🙂

Also, I’ve finally started acting like a regular over on Instagram. It’s just photos, and a little rambling. Nothing special. Just pretty. Plus, my color obsession has me creating some color palettes to go with my images. (I can’t afford to keep painting everything in my home–otherwise, I’d just be sticking to that.) If you’re on IG, and would like to follow me (I’ll follow you too), find me at: m.peifer.freeman. 

Here are a few of my favorite palettes. Most of the photos are shot at Main Floral while I’m there for work. 🙂