This page is dedicated to others.  These people, and places are where I come from, and where I go, to find inspiration, conversation, understanding, answers and drive.  This page is always being updated and is nowhere near done!

Here are links to some of the people that inspire me, support me and make me better in both the photography AND business world:  

Alan Shapiro

His heart, and soul, is the most visible thing in his photography.  His work, the time he takes to support others, and his career is a constant source of inspiration for me.

Brooke Powell

This girl’s work is above, and beyond, what most seasoned, middle-aged, photographers are doing. Her use of lighting, and creative posing, are fabulous. I noticed her work when she was a high school senior, shooting other high school seniors. (That was last year. Yes. She is that young.)

Deb Lee Carson

She’s a Minnesota Photographer who create’s magic and is an incredible supporter.

Jaime Ibarra

He has a way of photographing women that brings you to another time, and another place–Americana, dreamy, retro, romantic and sexy–somehow, he captures it all.

Gilmar Smith

Her imagination is the stuff children’s dreams are made of. Plus, she has a beautiful voice, and supplies endless inspiration.

Lotus Carroll

She is a gorgeous soul, who sees the world in a beautiful way.  Her everyday photography (and writing) inspires me, on the daily, to pick up my camera and just shoot.

Mike F. Shaw

He was the first person that made me feel complete pride in being primarily self-taught as an artist.  His work is incredible and the fact that he boasts that he is self-taught made me feel okay…and not ashamed for the first time.

Paul Roustan

His body painting photography is spectacular and makes me see more where I thought I saw it all.  Even if you don’t know his name–you probably know his work.

Sue Bryce

I can’t tell you just HOW many courses of her’s that I have sat through and didn’t want to blink.  I could listen to her speak forever.  Her messages of self-worth, confidence, talent, strength and beauty are beyond powerful, and her talent is immeasurable.   One day, she ‘liked’ one of my status updates…immediately, I took a screen shot so I could keep it forever. 🙂

Thomas Hawk

He runs a great blog, is up on all that’s new and has TONS of great links, and resources for anyone interested in photography.  Plus, he’s always fun to hang out with and never controversial at all. 😉 

Trey Ratcliff

He was the first ‘name’ I knew–even before I got my first digital camera and got ‘real’ about photography.  His work made me want to figure it all out on my own and to be good…like him.  Plus, he’s just a super nice guy who listens well and knows just about everything about everything.  

Here are links to some of my favorite places to go for inspiration, learning and support:  

Creative Live

I have learned SO much from the classes here, as well as met some of the most inspirational folks ever.  There’s always something new being offered and new teachers there to get me moving.  The classes, if you catch them live, are free.  If you want to purchase the class to watch whenever, you can do that too.  There’s way more than photography courses offered here, as well.

Digital Photography School

This is a site that I recommend to ANYONE who just wants to get to know their camera better and learn how to make a better image.  The forums are super helpful.  The tutorials are fabulous.  The topics covered are relevant and the experts they talk to are solid.  I started here YEARS ago and still find myself on their blog often.

Lynda has it all.  There is something for anyone who wants to learn.  My partner and I use this for everything we need to know when it comes to the creative, and business, fields.  These classes are a bit like community education classes–just specialized and are available whenever you want them.  There is a subscription fee–but, it is so, well, worth it.

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