About Me

-I am, primarily, a Family and Small Business Photographer.  I reside in the Minneapolis area.  I adore what I do and am beyond passionate about it.  (I’ll tell you ALL about my passion anytime you want to listen.  I tend to ramble. 🙂 )

-I love to hike. I love to spend time outside in anyway that I can. I also love the simple crafts that nature inspires–sometimes my kids love them too, sometimes, they just think I’m crazy.

-I taught art at the elementary, and middle school, level for years. I also taught preschool for quite a long time. I find my zen in a room full of kids, paint, and excitement.

-I love MN, and I love our weather. I love each season separately for all that it, uniquely, is. (Including, and most definitely, winter. 🙂 )

-I have four kids and I love it when they’re all home, and their friends are over, and it’s total chaos. I love a full house.

-I adore good black coffee, vodka, most wines, several whiskeys and a few beers.

-I work for a florist, and a candy shop. I have been with them for five years now. I do it all–from website, to social media, to blogs, to customer service; and, definitely, all of their photography.

-I love cakes and cookies, more than gummies, and chocolates.

-I, often times, wear a fanny pack and have zero shame in doing so. (Even when my teenager rolls her eyes at me.)

-I belong to the most amazing church out there. (Or, so I believe. 😉 ) Anoka UCC is where it’s at. I do a lot around there–from serving on committee’s, to teaching Sunday school, to helping plan events, to managing their social media; and, the obvious one, taking photos.

-I am a huge nerd when it comes to television and movies. Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter/Fantastic Beasts, Golden Girls, Game of Thrones, Doctor Who, Sherlock and Grace and Frankie…they’re all the best. I have not seen a rom-com since I accidentally watched one a few years ago, and I hate anything with too much violence. (With GoT as the exception to that one.)

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mel peifer

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