About Me

-I am, primarily, a Family, Senior and Lifestyle Photographer.  I reside in the Minneapolis area.

-I love to hike. I love the lake. I love night time fires with those I love. I love my garden. I love being barefoot.

-I will, someday, complete my studies and receive my Herbalism Certificate.

-I taught art at the elementary, and middle school, level for years. I also taught preschool for quite a long time. I find my calm in a room full of kids, paint, and excitement.

-I am an obsessed plant-mom. So. Many. Plant babies.

-I love MN, and I love our weather. I love each season separately for all that it, uniquely, is.

-I have four kids and I love it when they’re all home, and their friends are over, and it’s total chaos. I love a full house.

-I adore good black coffee, most wines, several whiskeys and a few beers.

-I like cake a lot. And tacos too.

-I help to coordinate the big events at my church, as well as volunteer with Sunday School. I am currently employed as their Youth Group Coordinator.

-I am a nerd with my television/movie choices. Firefly, Star Trek, LoTR, Golden Girls and Harry Potter are a few of my all-time favs.

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