A Couple New Shots

Last blog, I promised I’d be back with a few new images–to prove to both you, and myself, that I’m actually capable of shooting some new stuff. 😉 I didn’t get out shooting that weekend like I had hoped though–but, that was okay. Other things needed to get done, and they simply became a priority. 🙂

I did get some beautiful, icy, images two weeks ago though. The sun had just started to rise up over the treetops, and the frosty grass had begun to melt. I was able to sneak out (just minutes before all of the tiny ice crystals turned to liquid), and capture the magic I saw. (In both reality, and imagination.) In those images, and as I shot, I imagined tiny ice fairies dancing around in anticipation of the Spring weather to come. (Then my murder of Crows saw me and starting cawing for breakfast. It brought me back to reality quickly. 🙂 )

Then there was one of my favorite full moons…the Worm Moon. I was so happy to watch it, as well as photograph it a bit. It’s funny, before 2020 I didn’t even KNOW the full moons had names. Now, I know most of them by heart. The Worm Moon is one of my favorites because it signifies the ground beginning to warm, and the worms coming back. Worms coming back mean the ground is coming to life again underneath the surface, and the soon the Dandelions and Violets will start to follow–as will the rest of the life above ground. (Isn’t that a beautiful thought? You need to be alive under the surface, to grow and be beautiful on the surface.)

Also, along with my favorite moon, came a beautiful Lunar Halo. I rarely get to see those, but on this night I did.

Here are my ‘illustrations’ to all of the above…

Also, as I mentioned in my last blog, I have a piece in the upcoming Rum River Spring Art Exhibit. This is the piece. I am so in love with it–especially by my birdcage of cactus. ❤ The show is this Saturday and I believe there are a few openings left, if you’d like to visit. (My last blog has the link–or, just Google them.)

Bonus photo—this is my cactus birdcage when I found her at the thrift shop. She got a major redo once I brought her home. I couldn’t decide if I wanted to buy it or not, and as I was studying it intently–a lady walked by and said, ‘You should buy that; you could do great things with it!’. The stranger at the thrift shop was just the motivation I needed. 🙂

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