This past weekend the theme was ‘Safe’ and I totally skimmed right over it. One reason I missed it? I was, quite simply, not home. I took the kids out of town to visit family and that was that. I could have shot earlier in the week but that brings me to the other reason I skipped it–I couldn’t envision a damn thing. (Well, I had one vision–but, the logistics of it were a bit challenging, as it involved another person and an impossible setting.) The more I thought about the word safe, and how to shoot it–the more I realized that I don’t really feel fully safe, for a myriad of different reasons, anywhere right now. So, I skipped it.

Anyway, these images are from a couple weeks ago, with the theme, ‘serenity’. Here is what I wrote to accompany the image:

I had so many visions of how to capture serenity–despite being far from serene. In my mind, I had the low lights and plants, I had the boxes stacked and me walking away, I had hot coffee and the newspaper–but, in the end, I really had nothing. And I didn’t care anymore.

Then I woke up this morning, and I looked outside to a beautiful, serene, view–right in front of me, no longer just in my head. The snow and trees invited me in, and my crows flew around cawing at me. (I feed them daily. They were just making sure I didn’t forget. 😉 ) It was quiet enough to hear the snowflakes landing, and calm enough to not feel too cold.

Serenity found me today.

I, 100%, went with that image of me due to the snowflakes on my eyelash. These were the other ones I loved though:

This week’s theme is, ‘I Wish’. I have some incredible ideas–but, they will all get me in trouble. 😉 Together, we’ll see what I go with, I suppose.

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