I Want you to Know

This week’s theme? ‘I Want You To Know…’

When I had this idea–I had one, very specific, person in mind. As I shot, I had about three people in my mind. When I posted, I had five people in mind.

Then I realized, if I have five-ish people in my life who bore me, maybe it’s not them? Maybe it’s actually me? Either way, it was decent inspiration, so I went with it. (All with Carly Simon’s, ‘You’re so Vain’ running though my head. 😉 )

These are the three images I went with–in this order.

These are the three other images I couldn’t choose from. I had a little help narrowing it down. The guys who know me best both agreed that ultimately, the above pic is more my ‘you bore me’ face–as they’ve both seen it a few times. 😉

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