Spring Gallery Show Entries

Hello again! I’m circling back around, a bit, to the theme of my last post. The whole realization that I haven’t really made any art, or used the camera as my hobby, since I picked it up for work (like a DECADE ago) was big for me.

The bulk of that realization actually came after I decided it was time for me to get back to art–and to help me do that, I would submit some work to an upcoming, local, gallery show. The timing was perfect, the gallery is an absolute FAVORITE of mine (Rum River), and the theme was Spring–I LOVE my Spring images. The kicker though? They asked the art be recent-ish–like, made within the past four years. So, I got sad for a minute–and then decided to procrastinate in my misery, until the day of the deadline (while also contemplating how I could quickly shoot for Spring in the middle of the winter). Instead, I decided to just write up an artist statement trying to explain why my work is actually older that 2/3rd’s of my children, and submit three of my all-time favorite Spring images.

Here are the images I entered for consideration. My over-dramatic, yet 100% honest, artist statement is below. I’ll let you know how it turns out. šŸ™‚

‘Touching You’
‘I’ll Hold You Up’
‘Only Child’

I have been in such an intense period of creative hibernation for the past several years. My passion became my work, and my work put my passion to sleep. I didn’t even realize it happened, as it happened slowly–yet right before my eyes.

Throughout the pandemic though, as work dwindled, I have felt my creative mind start to thaw, and reemerge. I have felt intense craving to awake, and to grow. It’s like an old friend coming back into my life, one I hadn’t realized I missed as much as I did–yet, one who is as familiar as ever. Much like the earth explodes with life each Spring, my mind is doing much the same these days.

These works are not my newest. They are, however, where I seemed to stop a long time ago. With the theme of this exhibit, they are also where I’m beginning. Spring has returned after a long period of being frozen, as have I.

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