I’ll Work on It–All of It

Hello! It’s me…your cranky neighborhood friend, back at it. πŸ˜‰ I apologize, again, for my annoyance with the folks needing to vent in my last blog post. I was being rude, and way too inwardly focused.

Rarely, do I see something shared on Facebook that makes me reevaluate my own thoughts, but today I did. ❀ One of my most favorite friends shared a post that sunk right into my soul. It made me stop and think about my own perspective with some of my friends. (Within my four walls…well, I fight the devil daily. And, usually, by 9am, I’ve booted him the eff out though. ❀ I got this.) Anyway, this is the post she shared that gave me pause…

I’ve been so focused on life within my own four walls these days, that I forget life outside exists. (This isn’t a bad thing in my mind. It’s just a necessary thing right now.) The folks whom I feel most frustrated with are battling some huge battles with the devil, and me being judgy, and cranky about it, just isn’t cool. I know I can be an ass sometimes–now isn’t the time, or place, though. I vowed to work on my bad attitude with the folks bugging me the most–so far, so good. (And yeah, yeah, yeah…not just my attitude, but also my thoughts. I need to change those first, I know.)

Anyway, as I work on transforming my bitchiness into something much more glittery and sweet–I dug into a little work this past Easter. Here, in MN, we had quite the snowy Easter day. I had signed on for another year of shooting with Discover Anoka recently; however, I signed back on with them in February. They needed seasonal images for their printed brochures, website and marketing materials. The first thing on my to-do list was winter photos for their 2020 holiday shopping guide. I assumed, as did they, that we would have, at least, one snow storm in March. (March typically holds a good snowstorm, or two, around here. πŸ™‚ ) That didn’t happen though. I mean, I did get out to shoot in March–however, it was a bright and sunny day. The roads were full of dirty snow, and messy cars. The river areas had fresher looking snow–so, I focused on that. The photos are pretty–but, not what I ‘wanted’ for this project.

Easter though–well, that day we were full of snow. It was beautiful. So, I geared up and headed out. The problem with this though, was that a) road construction season has begun up here–so, I had to avoid that whole mess in my photos and, b) the roads make Anoka look like a ghost town due to our stay-at-home order. (Anoka being a ghost town is the furthest thing from the truth. That place is BUSY at all hours of the day.)

Anyway, the photos turned out hauntingly beautiful–a quiet town on a typically busy day; on a snowy, otherwise typically Spring-like day.

Also, for me…that little bit of time alone, freezing and silent, lost in the windy snow and my swirly thoughts–well, it was amazing (on an otherwise typically family-heavy, church-busy, kind of day).

These are my favorite shots from the day. Enjoy…





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