Self Isolating, and Home Schooling

These days, you guys. These days. ((sigh)) As a family of five, we have chosen to self-isolate. My children’s father is asthmatic, so a higher risk, and we are taking this seriously. (The way we see it…there is no harm spending a few weeks of our lives living on the safe side. There IS harm in not playing it safe, and, potentially contracting the Corona virus, or passing it on to loved ones. We would be idiots for not listening to the rest of the world.) Right now though, I am in this bizarre spot where I feel like my life hasn’t changed at all–but has also changed completely. I am introverted, and I stay at home to raise my children–but, I have never been ‘forced’ to stay inside. We are used to play dates (aka: time with my friends 😉 ), and enjoying museums, indoor play places, game nights with family/friends, church, the zoo, nature centers, meals with grandparents, and even stores. (Sometimes, during the day, we just go shopping. Target, and Cub, are our favorite places to go–the free cookies are a huge perk for the kiddos. 🙂 ) Right now though–everything is being done within these four walls. Everything. My partner, and I, are both working 100% from home now. (I used to go into work on Saturday mornings and Wednesday evenings–and then work the rest of the time at home.) My kids are on their ‘Corona-cation’ right now–but, we are all prepping for the very real possibility that school will be online, at home, for the rest of the year. This means that my job as both a SAHM/WAHM, has/will become so much bigger, and so much more isolated. I’m up for this, as I usually feel like I belong in about the year 1930 anyway–but, it’s still a bit intimidating to think about.

Anyway, on social media lately, I have found myself so, incredibly, thankful for all of the friends, parents, teachers, homeschoolers, grandparents, retiree’s, and businesses who have been sharing things with me. They’ve been sharing links of zoo webcams, links to museum and national park tours, ideas for scavenger hunts, wildlife webcams, classes to take, different places to learn online, links to authors reading their own books (that we already LOVE), ideas for games to play…and SO many more things to see/explore/do. I am beyond thankful for all of the resources, and for how they inspire me to prep, and plan, the learning!

This past week, I have worked to loosely connect with the natural rhythm going on in the house–and then turn it into more of a ‘scheduled’ rhythm for the future. We wake up, we play, we have breakfast and screen time (my workout time), we play and learn, we have lunch, we go to rest time/movie or video game time (my work time), we play and learn, we have dinner all together, we have more play time, and then we move towards the bed time routine and then bed time (and then more work time for me). It works well, and we flow beautifully like that. Yes, it was ‘technically’ Spring Break–but, with all of our plans being cancelled, and us being ‘stuck’ at home for the foreseeable future, I figured it was a great time to feel the new routine out. My little ones fall into perfectly–as I pretty much just follow them anyway. My teen though, she is just a wreck mostly–her rhythm will come when she has a plan with school. She is very type-A, she is National Honor Society, she is motivated, and strong, and craves routine. As hard as I try to motivate her to do something, anything…she is much more inclined to hover, and wait to hear how her old normal will become her new normal. I respect that fully–and I love just getting to hang out and chat with her right now. ❤ Her rhythm is her own thing now, I suppose–I’m just here to support it these days.

Anyway, here are some photos from what we’ve been up to this week. (There are descriptions in the caption of each image.) I’m so far from perfect, and things are never ‘easy’…but, I have a sense of humor, and I don’t get obsessed with what the ‘ideal’ parent says is the ‘right’ way to do it all–I just follow my own flow, and the kids’ flow, and things always seem to work out. (Also, I have faith. I have SO much faith that things will work out…that helps a lot. ❤ ) I do have to say I am beyond excited for nicer weather–being outside, in the yard, is a glorious thing right now. ❤ (And, honestly…kicking them outside, so I can enjoy a few minutes of quiet thought time, is the best thing ever. We have a fenced in yard. They’re fiiiiiine…) 

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