Sean and Draken Get Married

I believe I have about 17 blog posts that I’ve written, or partially written, sitting in my draft folder currently. I come here, I have huge ideas, I write my little heart out, and then I doubt the entire thing–so, I don’t post it. It’s not so much writer’s block–it’s more of a posting block, maybe? Either way, this time–I plan to post. For sure. In fact, I’m looking forward to posting. 🙂

Three weeks ago, I got a call, asking if I could spare a little bit of time on a Wednesday afternoon to shoot a wedding. Normally, I would probably say no. Wiggling my schedule can be tough, and finding care for my little one can be even tougher. The wedding was for two people I didn’t know–but, a small group of other creatives were already on board to donate a bit of their time, so I figured I could too. My husband was able to adjust his schedule semi-easily enough, and I didn’t have anything going on until the evening. So, I said yes.

Two weeks ago, the wedding came around. Sean and Draken are a young couple who have faced some incredibly tough times recently. They had each other, the clothes on their back, but not much else. Not much family supporting them. Not a large group of old friends surrounding them. No stashes of money. No permanent housing. But, again, they had each other–and, they were ready to take a huge leap together, as couple. They were ready to get married, shed the past, and step into the world together, as a married couple–excited to start their life the way they wanted to.

When I walked into the church I couldn’t believe the church members who, like me, didn’t know this couple at all, but had decided to come to support them so they weren’t alone. These folks all took time out of their day for these young strangers as well. The cake was handmade by the Pastor’s wife, there was a basket full of cards, the flowers were donated by a local florist and people were waiting with small gifts for the couple.

Then, Sean and Draken walked into the church. It was an incredibly cold day with snow flying, and temps falling–but, they made the trek from the local shelter. They walked in with a group of folks around their age, and began to get ready. Sean got ready with one group, and Draken with the other group. I stumbled my way around, awkwardly introducing myself to all these strangers I was photographing. I asked for names, and pronouns, and I asked how long they had all known each other as they worked beautifully as a team tying ties, doing makeup and fixing hair. It turns out all of these young adults lived at the local shelter, and they had all just met. (You guys, I have shot many weddings–and, let me tell you, there are many groups of friends who have known each other 20+ years, and don’t work together like these guys did. It was amazing!)

I left the day feeling energized, and genuinely happy for them. They have an uphill road ahead of them–marriage isn’t easy, especially when young, but if anyone can do it, it’s them. ❤

Here are a few pics from the day…


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