October Photo Project

Every year, I feel the Fall inspiration hard. There’s this pumpkin spice scented,  golden-colored, romantic haze, that settles into my brain, come mid September. I get so excited about boots, and flannels, and hats (so I don’t have to fix my hair mostly). I get excited about the heated mattress pad on my bed, and the cold breeze that hits me all night long. I get excited for baking, and I get excited that my personality finally fits the seasons ahead. (Fall and Winter–totally the introverted seasons…Spring and Summer, definitely the extroverts.) I like cloudy days, and I never mind the rain. This year though, I decided to ride that inspiration wave–and, instead of just feeling all dreamy, and stuff (with my messy hair), I’m shooting everyday, and working though a quick, 31 day, project. I shoot bright, and cheery stuff everyday…so, this month, I’m enjoying the dark a bit. (Or, a lot, actually.)

This is about the first third of the month, in photos. I post pretty much daily over on Instagram. (HERE) I’ll post again here, as I get further in to the month. For now though…enjoy.

One Comment Add yours

  1. Dorene Peifer says:

    Mel, please send some in to the Capture Minnesota entries! You just amaze me! I need to buy another book too!


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