Cory and Angela’s Wedding

Ya know, I always struggle with what to say when I come here to talk about something I photographed.  I feel like I sound fake, when I gush about how wonderful it was to get to be a part of everything. I end up feeling like a cliche when I talk about how beautiful it all was, and then how nice everyone was. But, those things are the complete, honest, truth.  I can promise you that I was incredibly honored to be a part of their wedding. It was one of the last warm, sticky, days of summer–with plenty of wind gusts, and drips of rain scattered throughout the morning, but no one was too phased by weather. (Despite it wreaking havok on the hair, and makeup, of so many!) Everything, from the backyard we shot the family portraits in, to the boat we traveled in, on Lake Minnetonka, was beautiful. The little town of Excelsior, where we boarded, was just adorable–and, packed full of folks enjoying an apple festival. Everyone was so kind–I figured that I was probably with one of the nicest group of folks in the world, as they had family in from Canada, England, Iowa and lots of Minnesotan’s all around.

Anyway, enjoy some of my favorite photos of the day. 🙂

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