Shots from the Shop

I know I said my next blog was going to be all about all the boring, but yet semi-interesting, things I’ve been accomplishing in my yard (with the kiddos)–but, alas, it snowed, and then was cold, and then rained (a lot), and then I got sick; so, that blog can wait. (I don’t feel like a partial shed re-vamp is worthy of a full blog post. Kinda in the same way I don’t feel like a pound of grapes, and a pack of cheese sticks warrants using an entire shopping bag.)

Sometimes, I feel like I’m so inconsistent on my blog (which I am), and I feel bad about that–but, then I stop and remember that my default is that I come last. (Not a guilt-trip thing, or anything weird like that. When I’m forced to prioritize due to time/money/relationships/etc., I just put my stuff last–it comes naturally to me, and I don’t mind. I don’t really even think about it. I, mostly, feel thankful I CAN put my stuff aside for a bit to focus on others. ❤ However, when I come back here, to my blog–and to my social media–I suddenly realize how much time has went by between posts. Yikes.)

The problem with putting my ‘personal’ stuff last though, is that I never get ahead. I get scared to try to take on more, and I hover somewhere between treading water, and partially drowning, on a daily basis. I feel like most moms can relate to this in some way–but, mom’s who hold down the bulk of everything with the home, and yard, and kids, and pets, and cars, and all the little things in-between, well, they can [probably] relate even harder. It kills me though–because I always have so much I want to write about here–I just can’t make it happen in a timely manner. (Hence the references to snow, and Easter, in this blog. I’ve been trying to write it for three weeks now.)

So, to keep it simple today, I bring you my favorite shots from these past few weeks at the flowers shop. This time of year is full of new arrangements for Easter, Spring and Mother’s Day–so, for me, that means lots of shooting the new stuff, getting it all on our website (as well as updating the homepage of our site), getting the word out on our blog, and all across social media too. It’s fun to get excited about the new stuff our amazingly creative designers do.

My next new blog will be over at Main Floral–I’m in the process of writing about last-minute Teacher Appreciation, and Mother’s Day gifts. It’s going to be a photo heavy, and super pretty, blog!

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