Spring is Here–At Least at the Shop

Wow, guys. This weather is fierce. I’m sitting on the couch tonight–as a fresh, four inches of snow, blankets the ground outside. (And, as my dog snores up a heckuva storm of his own, might I add.) Tomorrow’s weather is looking like a roller coaster of a day–bring on some rain, some sleet, some ice and the lots of snow. In honor of this epic, Spring storm we have going on out there today–I think I’ll share some of my favorite, Springy, shots from this past weekend. (You know…back from when it was warm enough to work up a sweat while raking…not shoveling. 🙂 )  (These two photos are from about a day apart…and, there’s more snow coming. 🙂 )

So…back to the weekend–this is one of my favs from this past weekend. I have this thing with challenging myself to find ‘frames’ in everyday places. When I shoot in the same spot week, after week–I need to get creative. (Or, settle for shots that all look the same. That’s not my thing though.) The first shot is taken, with my phone, from where I was standing when I shot the second shot with my camera, and an 85mm lens.

Here are a few of my favorite, Springy, shots from the weekend, too. It was funny, because I walked into to shooting, this day, like I was a zombie. I had felt emotionally dragged through the dirt over the last couple of days; instead of feeling my usual happy, I was just feeling angry. (I’m not an angry person. When I feel anger–I know I need to re-center, and re-collect some runaway emotions.) As I surrounded myself with flowers, and bright colors, and happy people, and chatty co-workers–I felt all that anger start to melt. I felt my creativity come in and high five my generally, cheery, demeanor–and I meditated on it all through my lens. Before ya know it…I was seeing that light again–and, I was in love with those Parrot Tulips, and the super springy, Hyacinth. ❤ (And, all that bright, happy, yellow. 🙂 )

As I was lost in that super temporary anger–I realized part of what has been bugging me is the realization that I have no, actual, schedule. I used to follow a ‘posting’ calendar super closely–but, then my hours changed at work and I couldn’t get it all in–so, I stopped following it. Feeling disorganized leads me to feeling frustration. This past weekend, I put together a new calendar that reflected, much more closely, what I need to get done/posted in a week. (This doesn’t include freelance shooting/editing work.) This week has felt much more cohesive so far–and, content is flowing much easier than I anticipated. My schedules are all printed, and go hand-in-hand with my daily planner.  When ideas hit, I just keep notes–it’s bringing a lot of calm to a previously scattered area of my mind. ❤

Anyway, my next blog I’m excited to take some time and show off the personal things I’m working on 🙂 (Spoiler alert: it’s mostly yard work. Exciting. I know.)

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