Photos from Work

Hello! I’m just swinging through the blog tonight to show off a bit of what this past weekend held for my camera, and I. I had a pretty basic weekend when it came to shooting–but a busy one in the way of editing up some past projects. (Which I’m still not totally done with.) I feel like my biggest accomplishment this past weekend was shooting those beautiful, made-from-scratch, cookies–BUT, not eating them all. (Cookies are one of my biggest weaknesses. You could sit me down in front of an entire plate of gummies, and chocolates, and brownies and ice cream, and I wouldn’t care. Add a cookie to that plate and I’m all about it–unless there’s a cupcake, then I don’t know what I would do. I mean, I guess I’d prolly eat ’em both?)

Anyway, here’s a few of my favorites from the weekend. I also grabbed several new ‘head shots’ to update my social media with–I recently realized I haven’t updated in about six months. (That’s not a lot to some–but, my hair changes a lot, and I like to stay current. I was once hired onto a project because my online photos looked ‘just like me’–and, that’s apparently rare these days?) Also, side note, it’s photos like these of me, that I will look at in the future to base my decision on to dye my hair again. Note to future self: If you’re not feeling colorful on the inside, do not dye your hair a very colorful color–every time you see yourself, you will feel like a walking contradiction. (A walking contradiction with cute hair, that is. 😉 )


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