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Tonight finds me on the couch with a boatload of editing up on my laptop screen, and the Golden Girls streaming on the tv screen. The dog is curled up next to me, snoring away; and, through all of this awesomeness, I’ve recently decided that my eyes are a bit too tired to keep the editing going. Lucky for you though(?), my fingers aren’t too tired to bang out a quick blog post. 🙂


Okay. So, as I sit here, trying to think of something amazing to write about, I’m also realizing that my brain may be a bit too tired to come up with anything clever, or witty, or even ironically dumb–so, I will just leave you with just a few photos of what I’ve been up to over the past couple of weeks. (Professionally, that is. I have a hard time wanting to share personal images here–despite the fact that I’m pretty sure I, accidentally, shot my kids future album covers last week.) I’ve been at the flower shop, and the Bistro, shooting my regular stuff–as well as over at Lillian’s, shooting the latest Spring fashion line that has come in. (Oh, and, at church still–that whole ‘re-doing the directory’ thing may take a little longer than the two weeks I had set aside for it. 😉 )

Also, since I’m here I guess I could throw out the links of other places you can follow me at, because: a) I haven’t done that in awhile, and b) it’s easy on my tired mind.

So, if you’re bored, come find me on Instagram. I post photos here-and-there…and, sometimes, I ramble in my stories about things like mid-life crisis’s and dying my hair red. CLICK HERE TO FIND ME THERE.

Also, on IG–you can follow me on the Main Floral, and Sweet River accounts. I post photos there quite often, and I promise they will always be pretty and/or yummy. (Sometimes they’re both. Those cross over photos are the best. 🙂 ) Click here for MAIN FLORAL, and here for SWEET RIVER.

I don’t post much on my Photography Facebook page–mostly because I really don’t love FB. However, I DO post there everyday for MAIN FLORAL, and SWEET RIVER.

If you’re a Twitter person–I’m there too. I pretty much post links when I blog, and, the occasional wood staining fail video. 😉 TWITTER IS HERE.

Obviously, I blog from time-to-time too–so, if you want to keep up on me here, don’t forget to subscribe. You’ll get an email every time I post that will remind you to run on over, and read my ramblings right away. (Or, something like that.) You can subscribe to this blog by heading to my homepage, scrolling to the bottom of the page, and following my blog via email. (Down there you’ll also see my most recent blogs for Main Floral. Feel free to head over there if you’d like to see the flowery blog I also keep up.)

Anyway, I’m heading to bed.  Enjoy the pics. ❤

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