Rick and Maggie are Married

Oh…I have some pretty stuff to share today. 🙂 This past weekend, you know–the one with the winter storm warning, and all the rain and then all the snow–well, in the middle of that whole mess, Rick and Maggie got married in a peaceful, bright, ceremony in Bloomington. The snow falling outside, made their evening so much extra magical. It was such a pleasure to be able to shoot for them on their big day. They are a couple of great folks who are surrounded by fabulous friends, and family.  (This was the first wedding I’ve ever shot that guests were beyond accommodating to me by paying attention to where I’m at, and were even concerned about their own camera, and flash, use. No one wanted to mess up the bride and groom’s photos–so much respect there. It was really wonderful–and almost never happens.)

Take a look at a few of their photos from the evening. I have hundreds more to go through–but, these ones really capture a bit of the happiness, the details, and the fun of the night.

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  1. Jennifer Duncan says:

    Beautiful pics! I’m so happy for you both! Congratulations!!!!


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