Forest Lake Family Photos

My sister and I have been saying ‘we’re gonna do it this year’, for a couple years now. And, just like a lot of things in life–we talk a big game, but, time gets away from us. (Well, it doesn’t get ‘away’. It just goes other places. It goes to the kids, to parents, to choir, to sports, to shopping, to trips, to work, to cooking, to learning, and even sometimes, to resting. šŸ™‚ ) Anyway, this is the year we finally got her family photos in. (Well, 2018 that is. I’m still catching up.) I think it’s even harder to find time when you have a blended family–like her’s–since then you’re working with the schedules of the kids when they’re with the other parent, too. Either way–we should probably get a trophy for this; we did it! šŸ™‚

A few things that really jumped out at us as we were taking these photos. One, my sister is really outnumbered by guys in her house. (This is, obviously, known already. It’s just really apparent when in photo form. šŸ˜€ ) Two, in about another year, she will be the shortest in the house. And three, her dogs are actually quite photogenic–with as spazzy as they are, this was kind of a shock to everyone.

Anyway, they can finally fill in some gaps in the frames on their walls, and, they finally had Christmas card photos they loved. I’ll be working with Amy again, in the near future (and, throughout 2019), as we work to put together images for her new website. She is a Certified Health Coach, so it will be fun to come up with the visuals she needs to fill in her online spaces. Look for the beginning of this project in the near future.

Next up though, for me (in the world of Photography, anyway), I will be at Main Floral on Saturday to shoot some new images for all of their social media, and blogs. I will also be working with Lilian’s of Anoka. The owner of the shop has decided it’s time to re-do her website and is bringing in both myself, and a Marketing team, to get her back where she wants to be online. It’ll be fun to shoot some great fashion, and accessories.

Enjoy a few of my favorite’s from Amy’s session. šŸ™‚ I’ll be back soon to show off a bit from this weekend…

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