Blaine Family Photos

It sounds generic, and like something that every Photographer says–but, I really do love my photo families. I love that I get invited back into their home year, after year. I love that I get to grow with them, and watch them change every year. I love that I get to be a part of documenting the growth of their children. I love that I’m there as their families grow, and change, and evolve–I love that I get to photograph it all along the way for them. These guys are the prime example of all of that. They were my first, ‘official’ shoot, and over a decade later–we’re still working together every year.

My favorite thing about this family, is that the kids are so comfortable with me, that they actually take over the session. A few years ago, I started doing pictures of them, in their ‘space’ (usually their bedroom), with whatever they wanted to be photographed with, by, and/or around. It gives them a few minutes of total control, as I tell them to take me wherever they want, and get creative. It’s adorable how they both root, and egg, each other on through this process. I really love how excited they are to show me everything. ❤ (And, I love how I get to see their personalities come out. 🙂 ) As we go through the rest of their photo shoot, we keep this going as they do their individual photos. They choose where they want to be photographed–and, I just go with it. They come up with things I never would have thought of–and getting to see their creative minds twirling is so much fun for us all. ❤

Anyway, here are just a few of my favorite shots from their 2018 session…

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