Throwback Head Shots

Well, since I’m on a roll with this whole back-to-blogging thing (and by that, I mean I’ve blogged once in the last, almost, year and a half), I figured I could add another quickie to my epic ‘comeback’. The last photo shoot I did, last Fall, was of a local actress. She’s the age of my second born, and she does a lot with her high school drama club. She needed updated photos, and head shots-since the last photos I did of her were from back in middle school.

It made me laugh–in the middle of our shoot she looked at me, and she said, ‘what do we do if you go into labor?’ I told her that I was pretty much an expert at having babies, and being a photographer–so, I’d simply finish her shoot, then head to the hospital. (I’m not gonna lie though…I had thought the same thing. I was just hoping it wouldn’t be the case…because, awkward.) Thankfully, for both of us, I didn’t go into labor (that waited another two weeks), and we were able to get some great shots. ❤

My next blog will start back up with what I’ve been doing this past Fall. For now though–enjoy this throwback. (I had uploaded these images last year–I had my little one though, and never completed this whole blogging part.)

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