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Hello! I thought I’d pop in here quick tonight. 🙂 This time of year, around my blog, content feels lacking. (January, in Minnesota, typically leaves a Photographer quiet. I do have things on my plate…but, you’ll hear more about that later.) Anyway, this week I saw that Twin Cities Collective was hosting an Instagram photo challenge, in conjunction with the launch of their new, beautiful, website. (Twin Cities Collective is a group I belong to for Bloggers & Creatives. It’s a community for creators living in the Minneapolis–St. Paul area and is amazing for support, conversation, and inspiration.) My goal is to shoot more with my actual camera this year (not with my phone), and their seven day, photo challenge, to kick off 2017 is just what I needed.

Anyway, I’ll be posting here, on my blog, what I’m posting over on Instagram this week…so, enjoy!? If you’re looking for more info on TCC, check out their website, or their Facebook group.

If you’re looking for ME on Instagram, just search out Melissa Peifer Photo. I’m by no means new to IG, I’m just, finally, working on my OWN photo page. 🙂

Without further ado (aka:rambling), here are my posts for Monday, and Tuesday….

Day One: Favorite Photo/Intro…

“All right @twincitiescollective, I’m doing it. (I said I wanted to shoot more, with my camera this year anyway. Why not start this week!?) Here’s a favorite photo of mine, from years ago. (when I WAS better at carrying my camera, like, literally, everywhere :)) Intro: I’m Mel. I’m a family, brand, floral, and candy photographer–as well as blogger, social media manager, and educator. I shoot all things family, but specialize in Lifestyle, Children, and Senior Portraits. As far a brands, I work a ton with @discoveranoka to keep all the shops on Main Street fresh, and current, with their photos–as well as shooting special events that the city puts on. Anoka also uses my images for their website, social media and brochures. I also work with other small businesses to give them all the images they need for website, blogs and print. (We collaborate, I shoot, they go to town with a bunch of fresh, bright, visuals.) As far as the rest of what I shoot, I have been working @main_floral and @sweet_river_candy for a few years now. I do all their photography, blogs and social media work. (Shooting, and writing about, candy and flowers all the time is just as cool as it sounds. Trust me. :)) I teach photography to children, and to adults (to teach to children). That’s my work life…outside of that I’m a cool wife, awesome mom (just don’t ask my 13 year about this though), black coffee and whiskey lover. I dress to the beat of my own drummer and watch cartoons for background noise when I’m working. I like all the seasons, and most bugs. I’m a huge procrastinator, but have adapted to working beautifully under pressure, so, it’s okay.”

Twin Cities Collective, Bloggers, Creatives, Website, Minnesota, Minneapolis, Saint Paul, Melissa, Peifer, Photography, Photographer, Instagram, Challenge, 2017, New Year

Day Two, Shot of my Office/Work Space

Today’s challenge: a shot of my office/work space, or the view from it. Today, I’m on the couch working, while my toddler watches a video and rests. (We’re just getting away from naps. Yeah. Fun…) Anyway, I don’t have set hours, or a set office. Wherever my laptop (and coffee) is, I call it my office. Tonight, after dinner, and bed time, my office will be in bed. Tomorrow, my office will be at the flower shop. Sometimes, my office is at a sprawling vineyard while shooting a wedding; other times, it’s in a dirty back alley in the middle of Minneapolis. Sometimes, it’s in a client’s home, or at their church, or in a lush, suburban, park. Many times, it’s at the local coffee shop, or little restaurant. Sometimes, I’m dressed in my pajamas, with messy hair, while listening to Dr. Phil; other times, I’m in heels, a dress, and full makeup (though, let’s face it, probably still messy hair), yelling over music to get my models to move a bit to the left. Anyway, tomorrow, I may not include my kids feet in my shot, though, I make no promises. 😊

Twin Cities Collective, Bloggers, Creatives, Website, Minnesota, Minneapolis, Saint Paul, Melissa, Peifer, Photography, Photographer, Instagram, Challenge, 2017, New Year

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