Just a Day

I get wary about writing blogs like the one I intend to write here. There’s nothing political, no controversial topics being covered, and everything will be safe for work–I just hesitate. I do that for a few reasons, I guess. For one, in my line of work, and within my family, and my own way of life, I read a lot of blogs. DIY, home schooling, crafting, relationships, photography, baking, personal and home improvement, and so on–I am always reading–and, I promise you that there is NO shortage of peppy, white-girl and suburban-mom bloggers who are always using lots of exclamation points, taking small photos of perfect-looking spots in their homes, talking up their beautiful families, bragging about how busy they are, how they do-it-all, and using hashtags like, #blessed. Idk. I mean, maybe everything is as perfect as they tell the internet it is–but, in real life, I’ve never met anyone actually like that. Sure, some people are messier than others, and some are much more put-together than the ‘norm’…but, in reality, most of us are somewhere in the middle. After so much reading of the trendy-font-filled-blogs, full of bright and cheery photos–I just kinda get annoyed. Like…stop being like this. Stop lying. Stop trying to make yourself sound so ideal and stop with the subtle brag thing. It’s annoying.

Anyway…my blog today, is because I’m proud today; and, this season. And, within the past few years, my family and I have been through a lot of not-so-amazing things…yet, we keep going, and getting stronger, and I’m proud. And, in-between toddler break downs, and teenage girl mood swings, there is a husband who wears the pants while also, somehow, holding it all together. And, there’s me, a semi-insomniac who just tries to find little bits of happiness, and chunks of time to work within some really long days (and while trying to support everyone else in doing their thing). And, woven between all of us, as individuals, there are deep relationships that take dedication, and time, to make good. I, sometimes, take the time to photograph some of those little bits of happiness that keep me going, and keep my outlook optimistic. I took a day, the other day (while baking after a fresh snowfall), to photograph the feeling of the season, within my own home. There is so much that feels like home. There are little chunks of time between the working, and learning, to do the playing. There is baking, in order to gift others. There is cleaning up messes and making messes. There is using what we have to create something new. And, at the end of the day–there is conversation, warm beds, safety, and Netflix. 😉 (And, in the end–isn’t that all we really want!?)



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  1. Enjoy reading your blogs,they are so well done.
    You are such a talented woman,thankyouğŸŽ„


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