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Sometimes, I meet folks who seem to have it so together, at such a young age, that I immediately feel like more of a mess in my ‘older’ age. When I met ‘S’, that’s exactly what happened. First of all…this girl is 13. Her soul though…well, I believe her soul is probably hundreds of years older than that. At least. S needed some head shots for the play she was trying out for. Well, actually she didn’t need them–she really wanted them, mostly so she could stand out from the rest of the girls going our for the same role in the school play. (At 13…my ONLY goal was to blend in. 🙂 )

Our conversations were random while shooting, stuff like this was the norm…

Her: How do I know you? I feel like I’ve known you for a very long time?

Me: You have such an old soul feel to you.

Her: You really have to get in tune, and really get to know people during photo shoots, don’t you?

Me: Get in your head, and stay in there.

It was when I told her that she has this really sweet mix of Kirsten Dunst, and a super young Gillian Anderson thing going on for her–that her blank stare, and grab for her phone to Google them, reminded me just how young she actually was. 🙂

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  1. Gressman, Gayle J says:

    Hi Mel,

    When will I get the CD with the rest of my wedding pictures?

    My new address is if I didn’t give it to you;

    Gayle Garcia
    2029 Southcross Drive W #303
    Burnsville, MN 55306


    1. I have prints, and a disc, coming to you this week. 🙂 Thank you for your new address!


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