Cassidy :: Twin Cities Senior Portraits

I remember, briefly, meeting Cassidy years ago. She was adorable, responsible, smart and she had a sweet sort of warmth that just resonated from her. This time around–I got to hang out with her a lot more–and, not surprisingly, all of those traits are still there, they’ve just grown up with her.

We kicked off Cassidy’s senior session at the bowling alley–she is an incredible bowler. (I accidentally bowl strikes. She accidentally doesn’t.) It was really fun for me to get to watch her–I felt like I was in the presence of greatness. (Seriously. This girl is going places with that ball…) I’ve never shot at a bowling alley–turns out, it’s really a fun place to shoot. The lighting is fun to play around with–it’s definitely a place to be comfortable using flash though.

After that, a wardrobe change happened and we headed over to the park to shoot until the light was lost, and the bugs came out. (It’s amazing how quick I’m ready to wrap up a shoot when the bugs start to swarm.)

Anyway, here’s a few of my favorite’s from the session. 🙂

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