It’s an Eastside Wedding { Saint Paul Photographer }

It’s no secret I’m an Eastsider, my family is Eastside; my husband, and his family are Eastside. There’s pride that comes with that. No matter where life brings you…once an Eastsider, always an Eastsider–from hot temper, to fierce loyalty…it’s all there. SO…obviously, the chance to shoot a house wedding over there, while overlooking downtown and the train tracks, was something I was more than excited to do.

Kenny and Gayle had a gorgeous day for their wedding. As a Photographer, shooting a wedding in August can be a bit scary. Between cutting through the hot, heavy, sticky air (while trying to keep your mascara on), dodging bees and mosquitoes, and hoping the random tornado doesn’t happen (okay, that’s never happened to me–thunderstorms though, yes), you’re kind of always expecting, and bracing for, the worst. (Being a bride through all of this is 100 times worse, I know. I’ve never really been a bride like that though…so, I can only speak for most Photographers here.) Kenny and Gayle though…well, they had sun, blue sky, big puffy white clouds, a cool breeze and normal temps–without the tropical dew points. Yeah, there were a few bees around–but, the mosquitoes were almost non-existent…so, I call that a win.

Kenny and Gayle had good people all around them (what else do you expect from Eastsiders?), and good food, and good music. Here are a few photos from the day…I’m glad I got to be a part of it. 🙂

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  1. Colleen says:

    As always,priceless beautiful shots,job well done to perfectiion🍀


    1. Thank you, Colleen. ❤


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