Summer, Summer, Summer Time

I totally understand that what I say next is going to be controversial–I can’t help the way I feel though. Here it is…I’m not a fan of summer. Of all the seasons, it’s my least favorite. Summer is simply something I deal with to get back to Fall. If it’s over 70 degrees, and sunny–I’m perfectly happy hunkering down inside, in the air condition.  With the curtains closed. AND…if it even feels a little bit sticky out, I’m pretty much as good as a pile of goo. One time, I mentioned this little summer hating tidbit to a coworker, and she stared at me and said, ‘Wait, what? What are you gonna tell me next? That you like to kick puppies?’ I know, guys. I know.

SO…to deal with this whole summer hating thing, I make myself get out and be more social, and adventurous, than any other time of the year. (Time flies if you’re having fun, right!?) As it turns out, my most fun memories, in the past few years, have all come from summer time excursions. All of the photos that are hanging on my wall are from summer time adventures. And, all that my kids like to talk about is all the fun stuff we did last summer, and the summer before, and the summer before, and so on.

So…in the space between April showers, and Pumpkin Latte’s–I’m here, in the midst of these long, lingering, romantic days filled with late, warm, setting suns and bright, early, chirps from the birds in my yard. I’m in the thick of making memories of days at the cabin, nights spent around the campfire, and annoying mosquito’s in the tent. I’m parenting to bug-collecting, muddy children, who don’t want to come inside; and coming up with things to do that revolve around not having to come inside. I’m cooking foods on the grill, slathering on the sunscreen, making sure the marshmallow’s are always handy and that the sprinkler, and Popsicles, are easily accessible. I’m heading to the parades in the little towns, waving my flag honorably, and drinking my beer, straight from the cooler. I’m riding the bike, walking through the neighborhoods, and visiting the local farmer’s markets…and, I’m really starting to enjoy it more, and more, all the time.

Anyway, here are a few pics from Memorial Day. Last summer…I photographed like CRAZY between Memorial Day and Labor Day, and I moved all of the photos, as I shot them, to a folder entitled, ‘Summer’. Then, when school started, and that loneliness (and excitement) kicked in…I printed away. My frames are, currently, full of great shots from last years warmer months.

Next up on the blog? Our soggy, but amazing, kick off to camping. 🙂

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