Tweets and Blogs :: Minneapolis Family Photographer

Hello! I come here a lot…thinking about what to say, and then I realize the best things I have to say, lately, are poppin’ up over there —————> (and down a bit).

I’m on Twitter, often, connecting with other Bloggers, Photographers, Minnesota folks, and friends. Every time I Tweet…it pops up over there.

Also, I’m busy posting away about my flowers. 🙂 And, that’s over there too. Every time a blog goes up for Main Floral, it shows up over there, too.

The one other blog I author is here. That one is for the candy shop and doesn’t show up over there…but, I love it nonetheless.

Anyway….here are some of my favorite photos I’ve taken lately. You know, since this is a photo blog…I suppose I should attach a few images too, right? None are for work. Most are just from my cell.


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