Candy Cards

Easter had me seeing candy everywhere I went — so, I used it to both inspire, and motivate me. The result, a new line of greeting cards, and a couple of pounds.

The cards will, as of this, upcoming, weekend,  be available exclusively from Sweet River Candy, on Main Street, in Anoka.  They may also become available on Etsy, or elsewhere online. There will be new designs coming. My initial goal was to create a rainbow set, with kind little messages, which could be sent to anyone — from grandma, to teacher, to significant other, etc. They’re sold separately, or in a rainbow pack of seven. (Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo and Violet.) I’m not planning to make prints available. I may print, and frame, sets that will become available over time. I am diggin’ the ‘handcrafted’ thing much more than the ‘here, buy a digital print’ thing — so, I’m just going with that.

I’ll keep you updated as of new designs, and stuff…don’t worry. 🙂

twin cities photographer candy cards

(Simple, little, messages with an emphasis on the ‘Thank You’ card.)

twin cities photographer candy cards

(The photos are 4×6.)

twin cities photographer candy cards

(‘Send the Rainbow’ pack. They aren’t wrapped with yarn anymore; instead, I chose brown twine.)

twin cities photographer candy cards

(These cards are mini. The photo is wallet size.)

twin cities photographer candy cards

(These cards will be changing when I make more. I hate the thank you sticker thing.)

(All of the designs, as of now. Seasonal, and a bday line, will come in the future.)

(Tag from the pack of cards, along with messages.)


Also…bonus material, kinda…here is my set up. This is a much more difficult project than one might think, btw. Gumballs act like mini bowling balls and the roll across the paper, taking everything out, along the way. Pink candy is harder to come by than one might think — so is blue. Spree’s and M&M’s are amazingly simple to work with and have the best colors. Jellybeans have a weird ‘sheen’ on them that reflects oddly in photos sometimes. Jujubes are a pointless candy, all around. This is an impossible project to do with little kids around — not only because they want to eat everything , but, because even a little bump of your work station wiggles your entire design.

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  1. These are awesome!!! I love that you’re selling the cards in the shop! (did you print them yourself or local printer?) Very fun!!


    1. Thanks, Lauri. They fit in perfectly at the shop. I printed the photos at a local printer and then I attached them to the actual card part myself. The phrases inside are hand stamped.

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  2. Tom Gort says:

    Looks like a trip to Anoka might be in order. 🙂


    1. Two things, Tom…

      First, if you are ever making a trip to Anoka, and want to invite me, I’m there!

      And, second, if you want some cards, without the trip — just let me know, I’ll pop some in the mail for ya. 🙂


  3. Dorene says:

    You still keep amazing me.


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