Follow Up From My Last Blog…

Time is such a funny thing. Since deciding that working to, actively, grow my business is, currently, the source of a lot of stress in my home, and, temporarily stepping away from it–I’ve been busier, and calmer, than I have in a long time. The biggest down side (and also kinda up side on the fresh, creative, sense), is I feel like I went backwards about eight years. For the last few weeks, since my husband’s schedule changed, any ‘down’ time I had during the day was spent with email and social media, and all those work kinds of things. When Archie would get really into Sesame Street, I’d log on and spend a few minutes working, hoping to not get interrupted, knowing that as soon as he wasn’t into it, I’d have to be done, or hit save, or find him something else to do real quick so I could finish. My night times were spent trying to squeeze in the work I couldn’t finish during the day, with a super tired brain, and then hating myself because, at midnight, I couldn’t concentrate enough to keep researching, writing, or editing. Like I said–this spot I’m in, work wise, feels temporary…when schedules get back to consistent, and not crazy weird, long, and in constant flux, I can get back to doing what I do.

This week though…it’s funny. I’m still working with the same amount of time; the same amount of hours in my day–but, I’m not beating myself up about not finishing things, and I’m not feeling like I’m constantly trying to catch up. My husband has been gone, and then coming home (to usually continue working), as much as ever–but, without all the little overhanging tasks, unfinished projects, and stress on my end…it feels okay. I have time to get my work done for Main Floral and Sweet River–but, then I’m done. (Well…done never really happens 100% when you’re a blogger and social media person–you’re always thinking about topics and jotting notes. Or, at least I am.)

This week, Archie and I have been working to decorate our front window with springy things. While he zones out for a couple minutes on Sesame Street, I have time to prep a project; interruptions aren’t a big deal anymore because he can just help me. (Interruptions weren’t a big deal when Erik was home more either–Archie would just go down to say hi to daddy and then by the time he was back upstairs, I could finish up whatever work thing I was working on–while not freaking out, wondering what Archie was doing, and why he was so quiet.)

Anyway, Archie and I do lots of projects–this week’s are a bit more elaborate than usual, since I have the time, and calm mind again. Two weeks ago, while he was painting, I was sitting next to him trying to get work submitted for a contest. My uploads were failing, and he was painting a chair without me realizing it (which he thought was hilarious)–this week, we worked much more together. The painting incident, the previous week, left me feeling like a failure on a couple levels–plus, stress. It left me feeling stress.

Anyway, here’s a bit of what we’ve been up to… I’ll post a pic of our window whenever we finish it. This, upcoming, week my plan is to be outside much more. It’s supposed to be springy here, around MN, and we’re ready for some major outside time…well, I’m mostly ready for a more tired kid, that is. 🙂

It’s all about the scissors lately…they’re the coolest thing to him since he figured out water colors.
Almost every square of paper has a cut down the middle. If you didn’t know he did most of the work with a pair of scissors…you’d really wonder what happened.
Circles, lines, and spoons. He was certain the antennae were spoons.
The Itsy Bitsy Spider is his favorite song lately…so, we made one to hang in the window.
He wanted the spider and caterpillar to look ‘really mad’. As a mom, and a girl…I overruled that and went with happy.

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