Valentine’s Day Crafts :: Twin Cities Area Photographer

I hate leaving on a negative note. (Not that my last blog was all that negative sounding–I was just in a not-so-happy place while writing it.) I wanted to come back here today to share one of my latest projects for The Blog at Main Floral. I love the creativity that I have in my job…I figure out the topic I want to blog about and I bring it to life. Some topics have me researching boring things like houseplant care–but, other ones, like this one, have me crafting with the kids all day.  If you’re looking for the tutorial on how to make any of these, check out the actual blog: Last-Minute, DIY, Valentine’s Gifts.

Anyway…I didn’t have much to say, just wanted to show off what I HAVE been doing, instead of focusing on what I’m not getting to do. I feel like it’s positive blog karma, or something. 🙂

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