Main Floral’s Blog { Twin Cities Floral Photographer }

Did you notice the right hand column of my site? Over there ———>  and down a bit?

You can now see Main Floral’s latest blog posts, since I write them all.  I am easily amused and think it’s cool that it pops up there, too. Do you guys even know how much knowledge I have gained since I started writing for them, btw? From why Roses cost more at Valentine’s Day, to Cyclamen care, to how to best care for Orchids…and, a ton more–I’m getting smarter, better at research, and really great at coming up with new topics all the time. (Though, I still can’t keep my own plants, and flowers, alive for long. Hmmm. Maybe I should blog about that one…)

Anyway, here are some of my latest shots. Spring, and Valentine’s Day are, clearly, on my mind…and, I kinda like it.

Also, if you’re ever just looking for photos…without all the talky stuff–check Main Floral out on Instagram–I’m always posting flowery stuff there.


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