2015 Cell Phone Favorites :: Minnesota Photography

Here’s the last post in my 2015 favorites, three-part, series. (That sounds fancy. Like a PBS mini series.) This post includes my favorite cell shots. None of them are masterpieces, or even sub-par works of art for that matter…but, they are my favorite’s, nonetheless. They all were taken on my Samsung Galaxy and edited, quickly, with VSCO.

Being the parent of a toddler, you’re always carrying stuff. A backpack, snacks, extra clothing and, often times, the toddler himself. It’s really tough to bring my actual camera gear–and then, especially, to find the hands to use said camera gear [without the toddler running away]. I have found that my phone though, is a lot easier if I just, simply, want the shot–which is all I ever want. It’s been said many times, and I completely believe it…it really doesn’t matter what equipment you use, if you know the basics of lighting and composition–your photo is going to look pretty good. Add in some emotion, create a mood, and you’ve got a photograph worth showing off. All of these photos in my collection here, feel like that to me. I mentioned in my last blog that I don’t leave the house much to get out shooting…and, while that may be true, I’m out often. My sister, myself, and a group of friends, camp. I bring the kids to the cabin as often as possible. We play outside, in the yard, all the time, all seasons. We walk the neighborhood and visit the local playgrounds. I visit family, and friends, a few times a year, and I try to shoot a selfie whenever I’m out for work. When you add up all of those things…you have a lot of opportunity to take photos. (Also, I have a lot more photos with my little one than my older for two reasons…one, she’s in school during the day; and, two, she’s at an age where getting her photo taken, by mom, is awful. Unless it’s a selfie for Instagram–and, even then, it’ll probably get deleted within a week, or two.)

I have SO many more shots than this from last year, but these are the ones that I love the most. Many of them have been printed and hang on my walls, and/or sit on my shelves.

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