2015 Clients :: Twin Cities Area Photographer

I, absolutely, love doing these blogs; my best of blogs. I tried to get it done before 2016 started but, well, I didn’t…so, I’m going to start this three-parter now. This post is all about my clients. My daily. My reason for always wanting to learn more, do better, push myself, and give more. 2015 was a wonderful mix of new clients, and regulars for me. For my new ones…I wanted to impress. For my regulars, I wanted to impress. As a photographer, I wanted to be impressed [with my own work].

Ya know what’s really awesome about my clients? That they keep me so interested. This past year, alone, I worked with everyone from babies, to grandparents; from plumbers, to florists; from single parents, to partnered parents; from GLBT families, to straight families–and, I appreciated them all, for who they are. I shot from my stomach, in the mud…to the tip, top, of a 150 ft. firetruck ladder in the wind; I shot in churches, I shot in homes, I shot in bedrooms, I shot in parks and I shot in studios. I was never bored, and I was always laughing, and learning, while I got to do what I love. It’s pretty amazing.

Anyway, I TRIED to choose one, or two, favorite photos from all family sessions, weddings, and business shoots–but, I failed. I chose, at least, two from most. It was also tough because I have worked with Anoka’s Chamber of Commerce/Shopping District, Main Floral, Sweet River Candy Company, Ackerman Acupuncture, and Overacker Plumbing repeatedly throughout the year–but, I didn’t want this post to be completely overloaded with all of their shots. Every, single, week throughout 2015, I was being paid to shoot; and the fall of 2015 was my busiest ever–though I’m still not at the spot where I can make a living from what I do.  2016 is going to be all about tweaking my business, so I can still give my clients everything they want (and then some), as well as making it so I don’t have to freak out SO bad about how I’m going to pay for braces for my daughter, and/or fix my broken car. Ugh.

So…anyway, here are, at least, a couple shots from every, official, session I had in 2015. My next blog will be all of my favorite, personal, shots from the year. The blog after that will be my favorite cell phone shots from 2015–also all personal shots. (I love my Android for shooting…the cell keeps me focused on nothing but the basics–subject, lighting, mood, and composition; which, in theory, makes me better with my bigger camera.)

The collage is above…the gallery of individuals is below…enjoy!

2015 Photography Clients

And…here are the individuals… 🙂

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