Whew! I Made It. Almost. :: Twin Cities Photographer

Who’s no where…yet everywhere, lately? Me. Because it’s December, and I am a photographer with my own clients, who also works in retail as a blogger, social media manager, email blast writer and creator, website updater and, of course, photographer.  (See old blog, about ‘other jobs’, here.)  This blog is going to focus on those ‘other’ jobs…

Through the entire month of December, on the retail side, I posted for two, separate, Instagram accounts; four FB accounts; and I wrote for three, very different, blogs. I created, wrote and sent a newsletter, as well as three email blasts, and I updated one product website. I scheduled posts, replied to comments, updated hours, responded to emails, marketed for, and promoted an Open House and art contest, and spent all my creativity on coming up with unique, and semi-interesting, content for all of the above.  On my business side, I finished editing all of my November sessions, and shot the four I booked in December. Throw in Christmas, a really terrible stomach bug, all the wife/parenting/household stuff, and you have a girl who is happy to sit at home, quietly, on New Years Eve and enjoy the silence while drinking wine and eating pizza rolls. (Don’t judge.)

If you’re at all curious about my photography and/or writing lately…check out THESE places, not this blog. (I’ll be back to much more active on here in January. 🙂 ) I also posted a gallery below of just the photos highlights of my month.




Blogs and Websites:


Christmas Flowers (I listed this page separately since all of these were shot, uploaded, and named by me this month. There were more, as well…yet, some have since ran out of stock.)






Me (Though this one has been ignored, mostly, lately.)





Email Blasts:




My next blog will include my personal clients of 2015. I’ve been sifting through, and picking my top two favorite shots from each session I’ve had this year. (There might be four favorite’s from my weddings…two is almost impossible with all the photos I took.)

For now though, in case you’re in no mood to click on the above links, but are still wondering what I’m shooting…I’ll leave you with some of the photos I’ve done lately for the ‘other jobs’. 🙂

Oh. I also baked. A lot. But not as much as usual. I know baking doesn’t really relate to anything I posted above…but, I’m still going to post a few photos because December is about done, and I have no intention of posting Christmas baking shots again until next December… (Not pictured is the most incredible gingerbread fudge ever made.)


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  1. I have no idea how you do it all!!! Wonderful work, really gorgeous photos, website/blogs.


    1. Little bits and pieces, here and there. Seven days a week. Thank you. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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