At Home with B { Twin Cities Area Lifestyle Photography }

There are SO MANY, incredibly, awesome things that happen when you photograph the same family each year. You watch them grow. You capture change. You know the chemistry that you’re dealing with and you know how to work with the kiddos. I think my families like it too. They’re comfortable with me. They don’t have to look for a photographer each year.  They know my work and their kids enjoy me. The ONLY trick that I think both myself, and the family, sometimes struggle with is…now what? I work with some families where I just go to their house and we take it from there. Other families prefer to meet somewhere different and try something new each year. Jill and Brynlee are a combo of both. We love the new places, but, the ‘home’ feel is big too. We seem to gravitate toward shooting at places that are meaningful in some way, shape, or form. This year, we chose to shoot at home and focus on ‘favorite’ things and it was so much fun for us. We could be extra silly, change wardrobe, play games, be noisy, run around, redo hair (especially after all of the above) and still get great photos.

The kids are only so young, for so long. You won’t always live in the same house, have the same favorite toys, the same bedding, the same stuffed animals, the same kitchen set up, and the same ‘normal’. I know it sounds totally sappy…but guys, the photos you probably love, the most, when it comes to looking back on your OWN childhood are the ones that show everything I just mentioned. They give you the feels all over again and they make you smile, when you don’t even realize that you are. They help you remember the little details that you forget as you grow–but, were your entire life at one point. Don’t get me wrong…I love gettin’ pretty and shooting at a beautiful, outside, location–but, these type of photos, they’re my passion because I believe in them so deeply.  🙂

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