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Warning…nothing much to see here with this blog post, just gettin’ business done for a minute. It occurred to me that I don’t have a print release posted anywhere on my website–and, I’m sending out photos like crazy lately. After a frantic call from a client (many years ago), who sent her images with her mom to print, and Walgreens wouldn’t let her, I always make sure to include a print release with every client package that I mail out. HOWEVER, if my clients are anything like me (and many of them are which is why they like me as their photographer in the first place), they may end up losing/forgetting the physical, paper, release.  SO…that’s why this post is existing–as a place I can send folks to print a new release in the unfortunate case that they lost theirs–or, are standing at a print studio and forgot to grab it from home.

The way I work is that if my client has the images I shot for them–they also have the the right to print them. If I don’t want the photo printed, it will only be posted in a small resolution, with my watermark on it. If a client purchases the image–they have the large image, without watermark. It is theirs. (Of course, I am always here to assist with printing if they would like. However, in this day and age of Pinterest projects, and online sharing–my clients, mostly moms, really want their photos to work with in many different ways, to post on social media, and to email to relatives. Gone are the days of photos only existing in photo albums…hello ink jet print transfer projects, decoupage, online collages, wall decorating, gift making, and so on… )

Anyway…if you are a client, and you need my print release–either to refer to here, or to re-print…here it is. If you are another photographer, and you need some inspiration to create your own print release…here it is. 🙂

Photography Print Release

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