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So, a huge chunk of my photography business consists of working with small businesses.  When I team up with them, they can finally stop worrying about accidentally using copyrighted images for their business needs, or paying for generic stock photos that don’t really feel genuine to who they are.  I go in, we talk about their specific needs (head shots, website building, social media, blogging, product photos, etc.), and then I get to work.  Sometimes, they have models and props ready to go; other times, they just want me to ‘do whatever’.  Either way, a couple weeks later, I share the high resolution images with the business; they’re then free to use/print the images however they’d like.  There are no additional fees, no copyright worries, no searching through thousands of generic shots and spending, up to, 100 dollars per month for only 10 images.  I make it super easy; plus, I save the business money, and time.  (And, it’s super fun for me.  I walk away pretty much being an expert on something new, every time I shoot something new.  Or, at least I think I’m an expert.)

These are a few photos from Ackerman Acupuncture, located in Anoka–I worked with them a couple weeks ago.  They are primarily looking to start blogging more and share a bit more on Social Media.  It also sounds like they’d like to redo their business brochures with higher resolution and more current photos.  They now have fresh head shots, photos of them in their office together, photos of their acupuncture rooms, shots of plants and decor around the office, photos of their loyal pup, and even images of Wu, their business mascot (he gets around the web with the hashtag, #WhereIsWu).  They can use what they want, wherever they see fit and not worry about a thing…AND, bonus, I’ve become an expert at Acupuncture!  I could probably puncture someone now.  Just kidding.  No.  Actually, I couldn’t…well, not legally, or pain free, that is.  I can definitely refer you to someone I trust, and who has been through many, MANY, years of actual schooling though… 🙂

Anyway, if you own a small business and are looking for some fresh, personalized, photography–I would love to talk to you about it.  I keep it super simple to understand, and as user friendly, for all, as possible.

Here’s the basics of my Small Business Package (because we all just like to know the basics, first, and then think about it as we lay in bed, unable to sleep, again…Or, maybe that’s just me?)

-I charge 325 for the first two hours of shooting–125/additional hour.   (Once you hire me once, this rate is locked in.)

The first two hours of shooting time can be broken up into two, one hour, sessions. (This can be useful if you want me to do product shots as new products come in, if you’d like one session for product, and another with employees/models, if your business has ‘seasonal’ needs, etc.)  

The 325 is due, up front; however; there is no ‘expiration’ on your two hours. (I have had folks decide to break up their session and use one hour in the fall, and one in the spring as new products are rolled out.  It’s up to you, completely.)

The amount of photos you end up with, strictly depends on what you would like me to shoot.  (If you want generic product shots, you can expect an image per product; if we’re shooting models as they work through a line of clothing, you could expect 2-3 poses, per model.  I don’t have limits on number of shots and will work with whatever you need.)

All of the photos will be shared, within 14 days of your session, via Dropbox. They will be high resolution, watermark free, and yours to print, post, use as you want. (Clients typically use my photos for e-newsletters, on their blogs, for printed/online brochures, on Social Media, for prints on the office wall, and/or on their websites. There are no limits, your Dropbox won’t ‘disappear’ or ‘expire’ and there are no sneaky fees down the road.)

If you have questions about any of this, or if you have other thoughts/concerns you’d like addressed–definitely let me know, I’m always happy to answer.  I’ll be putting up a new gallery, called, ‘Small Business’, within the next week so you can see examples of the work I do.  EDIT:  Here’s the link to my Small Business Gallery…

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