Fall Newsletter :: Minneapolis Photographer

Every now and then, I get my newsletter out.  It’s kinda like that whole super moon, blood moon, eclipse thing that just happened…it’s a rare event, but, when it happens it’s epic.  (Actually my newsletter isn’t that epic at all…it’s just a way to connect to folks who had probably forgotten all about signing up for it in the first place.)  Or, maybe it’s more like the discovery of water on Mars…like, we all figured it would happen, no one knew exactly when though.  Clearly, this photographer has space on the brain…or, is maybe just spacey.  Regardless, here it is, my Fall, 2015 newsletter.  All of the business changes I mentioned will be blogged about when they start to come together. 🙂

(Click on the picture to get to newsletter in bigger, better, more readable, form…)
Photography Newsletter

Also…here’s my moon.  Because if it was clear, and you had any sort of camera…you obviously got photos of awesome moon thingy…here’s mine.

super moon blood moon eclipse

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