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It’s almost time for Scott Kelby’s 8th Annual, Worldwide, Photowalk! Saturday, October 3rd is the date this year, and I’ll be back to lead the Minnehaha Falls portion of it for my fourth year in a row.  (Here’s the link to the Photowalk page… CLICK ME.)  Normally, we walk to shoot in the evening and enjoy that really, low, light as our walk progresses.  (Well, unless it’s rainy–then, it doesn’t matter, it just gets dark and muddy.)  This year though, I’m going to kick it all off nice and early, at 9am.  (Not everyone is an evening person, or wants to drive home in the dark.  I get it.  I’ll get up early. 🙂 )  Last year, the changes in lighting were incredible as we walked–but, the crowds, and parking, were horrendous.  Maybe the morning will help alleviate that a bit?  Who knows–either way, a morning of like-minded, photographers, coming together to be a part of something that is, literally, happening all over the world throughout the day, is pretty cool.

In case you haven’t signed up, but would like to, here’s a link to the walk I’m leading:

There are 19 spots left, as of today.  It has filled up every year I’ve hosted and I expect the same this year–so, if you haven’t signed up, and you want to, go now!  If you have signed up, and you can’t go–drop out.  That way, someone on the waiting list can join.  Here’s last year’s group:

If the Falls walk doesn’t sound like your thing, there are a few other walks happening too.  Right now, it also looks like there are a couple walks happening, locally, at Como Park, and in Arden Hills.  Away from the cities, Princeton, Duluth, Fargo, Albert Lea, Sioux Falls and Grand Rapids are walking too–in case you want to take a road trip away from the cities.  (Seriously.  If I wasn’t hosting, this is EXACTLY what I would be doing.)

Also, if you’re looking to see what other’s are shooting–here are links to the last three years of Flickr Groups.  It always blows my mind that, despite the fact that all of us are walking in the same area, we all see things so differently.  Last year, the diversity of what was shot was incredible–and, I only say that because of the photos I, actually, got to see.  There are folks shooting film, and not using Social Media, as well–and, I never get to see their work.

As always, if you have any questions about the walk, or anything else–let me know!  I’m happy to answer. 🙂  Also…here are a few of my, personal, favorites from my years of walking.  The first year, there was a zombie pub crawl happening–so, we were surrounded by zombies at the beginning of the walk–how cool is that!?  It was misting, and cool out, too–which really added to the feel of the day.  The next year, we dealt with rain–yet plenty of folks still came out.  Last year, it was beautiful, but the crowds, due to a wedding, were terrible.  It’s always an adventure–nonetheless. 🙂

(Edit: Here’s one more link–it’s to the Media Kit.  There is one for walkers, and one for leaders.  There are some cool things in there and even an icon you can use to say you’re a walker!)

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