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Oh hey there school routine.  It’s amazing how much I despise change, yet can fall (pun intended–because puns are awesome) so quickly into a new schedule.  This Summer flew by for me–I kicked it off, photographically, with a destination wedding in Nebraska and, ended it, with Senior Portraits just before Labor Day.  (Uhm.  You didn’t miss those–they have yet to be blogged.)  Non-photographically speaking, it also flew.  Trips to the cabin, camping, driveway bbq’s with my sister, a trip to MN’s North Shore, hanging out with my mom, the zoo–it was just what a summer should be, with plenty of swimming, sun, laughs, family, and friends (and beer 😉 ).  I needed the fun and happy–so, I made sure it happened. Now though, we’re at the dawn of Fall and and, I’m ready for the change–and, for soup, and boots.  🙂

Also, with Fall approaching–I’m back in full, photographer, gear.  (Wow!  Another pun.  I’m on a roll today. 🙂 )  With all the places I’ve been in the last couple of weeks, and with all of the limited cell service, and complete lack of wi-fi, it’s been hard to keep up–let alone get ahead.  This week is all about work though–you guys should see my to-do list, it’s insane.  (I love working for myself–I do miss employees and PTO though. 😉 )

I’ve been receiving a lot of requests about my family portrait openings this fall and, as far as weekends in September go, I am booked.  October still has a couple of openings and November is still looking calm(ish)–so, if you’re looking to get the photos for the Chistmas cards all done, let me know soon.

The other request I’ve been getting a lot, is about my pricing.  (This has, honestly, been the toughest part for me to keep up on while away from technology.  Sorry.)  I DO have it all up on my website now though–you can find it HERE.  The only information I don’t have up there is my Small Business/Corporate Pricing.  It will be up there soon though–otherwise, just email if you’re curious about it.  (Also, if you are proposing the idea of hiring me, to your boss–let me know–I have marketing materials all made up that you can hand off. 🙂 )

Anyway, I leave you with this pic…because all blogs on a photographer’s blog should come with a photo–right!?  Here I am at my last shoot–I was working in an under-construction studio, with a chunk of it actually being turned into condos.  (Which I would love to live at.)  It was an amazing place to shoot–big ceilings, lots of natural light and old brick.  My models were all fabulous and didn’t mind the construction mess.  I’ll post a few of those pics soon–my goal to blog another time this week–and, a couple times next week, too.  Being caught up would be nice…

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    All I can say is Awesome!!!



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