A Little Gypsy in Minneapolis :: Children and Family Photography

SO….what do you say when one of your favorite families is like…’Hey, we’re moving to Florida but really want to do one, last, Minnesota photo shoot in Minneapolis.’  Obviously, you say what alley would you like to meet near, and when!?  I am such a sucker for the grungy beauty thing–and this shoot, with Gypsy, was no exception.

It was a rainy evening but Dad held the umbrella over me, and my camera, while mom helped hold everything else.   After we finished up in the alley (aka: the easiest part of the session), we headed off to First Avenue to get the shot of Gypsy on the sidewalk in front of iconic building.   That shot required all of us working together.  Mom and Gypsy were dropped off in front, while Dad and I drove across to the Target Center and pulled up kind of on the sidewalk.  I jumped out in the rain, and shot from the corner.  It was quick since well, rain and the whole legality issue of stopping a vehicle in a not-so-legal area.  I think it turned out really awesome though!

Then, we drove over to the Walker Art Center to visit the sculpture Garden and the cherry on a spoon–another Minneapolis icon.  The weather was so gloomy and my light dwindled quickly which made it difficult to get really good shots of Gypsy’s best friends, whom had joined the shoot at this point–and just wanted to play one, last, time with their friend.  I got a ton of action shots that were really fun though, and were sent off with the good ones.  When my kid was three, looking at photos of her and her friends, having fun, was almost like reliving the party–she couldn’t have cared less about quality, or a little blur.

My Fall is booking quickly.  I’m currently booking out into October and am starting to push into early November.  It’s not so much family stuff this year–it’s business work.  I’m going to keep blogging the business photography through the Fall though–I’m working with some really cool places!

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