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{{This was written a couple weeks ago…and, I never finished posting it.  I realized that, when I came here today to start a new blog post–oops.  Anyway, I’m gonna post it today.}}  I just thought I’d pop in today to share a few photos, and a video, from this past weekend.  It was a busy one. 🙂  A couple weeks ago, I was notified that a photo of mine was chosen for publication in TPT’s, Capture Minnesota IV book.  Now, I’ve been submitting to this book since the first volume, and I’ve jumped into the community as much as time allows.  I love this state, and, since I’m shooting in it almost everyday–I figure I might as well submit some work.  I don’t submit photos many places at all.  The Capture MN book though, I always do–I never have the ‘popular’ photos on the site, I’m not as active as I’d like to be, my photos aren’t as good as others, BUT, after seeing the work that gets chosen for publication, seeing the quality of the book, meeting some folks in the community, feeling the excitement around the book release, and so on–I make a point to take part.  Plus, I really like being a photographer in this state–this is, arguably, the most well-known and best organized book that really brings all parts of the state together.  The book also keeps me shooting throughout the year–and, it gives me a little bit of purpose when I’m out there, doing what I do.

Anyway, the book was released this past weekend and before that I actually got to help promote it.  I had a photo circulate on the local news stations throughout the week, and on Friday, along with a woman from TPT, I made an appearance on a local morning show to talk about the project.  Saturday was the release party at the Mall of America which I went to, as well.  It was so cool to see my photo (along with all of the others) circulate through on the giant screen in the rotunda.  The book, once again, is beautiful–a great representation of this, great, state.

After the release party–I hit up little chunk of Art-a-Whirl and then out to celebrate with one of my favorite bachlorettes.  Next weekend–family and the cabin; after that, Nebraska to shoot the wedding of my other favorite bachlorette (whom I’ve had the pleasure of knowing since third grade), and then the next weekend, another wedding.   After that, I get a group of little kiddo’s!  Next blog though…the wedding I was at THIS past weekend 🙂

Here’s a link to the new video, as well.  You know, in case you want to see me chewing gum on a morning show.  (Seriously.  Don’t chew gum on t.v.)



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  1. Congrats Melissa. Great for you to get recognition for your photography.


    1. Thanks, Terry! It’s fun 🙂


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