A Day at Home :: Post 2/10

All of these photos are, individual, in the gallery below in case you want to see the full shot, larger.


My life in a nutshell?  I’m a part-time employee, as well as a stay-at-home mom.  Thanks to being able to primarily work from home, and my husbands schedule, both of those things are possible (though, together, they can be exhausting).  I, literally, do it all.  I change every diaper, clean every mess, make every meal, am in charge of every playtime and every activity.  On top of all the mom stuff, I’m in charge of hitting deadlines, keeping on top of trends and upcoming events, updating websites, writing blogs, editing photos for both my employer and clients, phone calls, emails, etc–all while trying to advance my career in a crazy competitive world.  I need a nanny.  And coffee.  And, then, wine.  (A nanny who brings me all of that would be ideal, actually.)  Anyway, in accordance with the blog ‘challenge’ I’m working though–here it goes…a day in my life.  I picked a super easy day where there were no big errands to run, my mom wasn’t over, nothing going on with Girl Scouts, there was no yard work, no over tired, or teething toddler, no over emotional or, extra hormonal, pre-teen, no sickness, the cars are working and don’t have to go IN to work, nor do I have any photo sessions on the books today.  I picked a quiet day 🙂


7:20…I’m up.  Kinda.

<<Insert news watching, breakfast with the big kid, letting the dogs out and getting them breakfast, lunch making, toddler waking up, breakfast for the super hangry toddler who always has a temper tantrum about something before I can finish making food (today, he wanted jelly beans), and a work out (today’s work out was interrupted, repeatedly, by the toddler wanting Easter candy–after a full bowl of oatmeal, I caved and let him have Nerds so I could finish my exercise).  Now, insert Curious George and Daniel Tiger into the background of all of this.>>

9:20: Coffee.  Finally!

9:28: Why am I not doing this blog ‘live’?  It would save me a ton of work later.  (And, probably be way better.  Maybe.  No promises, actually.)  ((Plus, there is a photo being taken at this, exact, moment.  So…that seems cool.  I’ll put a star on it.))  (((Just kidding.  I forgot to do that.  I captioned it, appropriately though.)))

9:29: I, absolutely, LOVE, when I start drinking my coffee at the perfect temp.  It’s called the sweet spot…I think.  Also, I absolutely just love coffee.

9:30: Daniel Tiger is on…I might have a couple minutes to return emails and lay out what NEEDS to get done, for work, during the week, and nap time today–and, also, what can wait today in case nap doesn’t last long.

9:51: It’s amazing what I can accomplish while also being used as a jungle gym.

9:55: Hey.  Look at that.  Harry Styles added me on G+.  Wonder if he needs a photographer?  I should email him package info.  I’m gonna just pretend his page is legit and feel cool for a minute.  (Woah.  It’s actually a semi-decent page.)

9:57: Wait.  I don’t even like Harry Styles and I only like, like, two, 1D songs.  And, I only like them a little bit.

10:13: Sedentary jungle gym ain’t cuttin’ it anymore.  ‘Rough’, big muscle, play, it is.  Rainy, cold, days are difficult with an energetic toddler.  Good thing I’m still in workout clothes…

12:06: Well, live ‘blogging’ doesn’t really work so well when you’re a ‘live’ parent.  Go figure. In the time that passed…I’ve cleaned up a crazy amount of toys, got the dishwasher loaded and a load of hand wash dishes soaking in the sink, changed a terribly stinky diaper, dealt with two meltdowns (nope, no more candy and yes, you must get your diaper changed when you smell like THAT), started planning dinners and creating a grocery list, vacuumed with a toddler who is, today, apparently petrified of the vacuum again.  (Shedding dogs have me doing this a lot lately.)  I’ve lost the toddler, only to discover he, randomly, learned to play hide-and-seek, and fits perfectly inside my closet.  (Also, he learned how to be quiet for a bit.  Go figure.) I watched a boring betta fish, do nothing (while trying to sound as excited as the toddler), for almost ten minutes, in my daughter’s room.  (No.  Her brother is NOT supposed to be in there–however, when she forgets to tighten the baby gate, crap happens.  I’ll get yelled at later though–that’s for sure.)  We looked at our seeds which are now growing tall.  I’ve set up, and then cleaned up, a hands-on activity for the little guy and made us both lunch.  Next up…finish up lunch, read a couple books (that I’ve definitely memorized) and get the little guy to nap.  I have WORK to do!

12:56: Finish editing a client shoot, put together and order her photo items; finish a blog that I started last week; finish editing, and upload sympathy arrangement photos to our website; add prices, come up with names, descriptions, enter product tagging information and publish the arrangements and finish editing the rest of the photos from Thursday at work.  This is my work list today.  The little one only argued a bit about going into nap–so, I’m hoping he stays out for a couple hours, and, I’m hoping that gives me the time I need to finish all of the above.

1:33: More coffee.  Need.  More.  Coffee.

2:15: Client photos, done.  Now, wait for the export process and then, off to design a photo box and USB for presentation purposes.

3:42: Keepsake box cover and USB designed, uploaded and ordered.  Next up…try to finish up that blog before 4.  It’s almost done.

4:06: Oh crap.  It’s 4:06.  (Power nap was worked in there–accidentally.)  Gotta get the little guy up and dressed (he took a great nap!!), finish those dishes I left soaking, pack a snack for the toddler, find my paycheck, get to the bank, and then get to the school to pick up the older kid from Track practice.

5:00: Lindsey chimed in to my day, via FB Messenger.  She’s one of my best, most AMAZING friends.  Most days…she’s my only communication with another adult for upwards of 10 hours, straight.  She’s my voice of reason, a sounding board, a little excitement and a bright light.  If even one day goes by where we don’t talk, it just kinda feels weird.  Sometimes, we talk for four sentences–sometimes, it’s pages of chat.  No matter what…I love it.

5:10: Warded off a huge temper tantrum due to not wanting to play outside when we got home.  Sorry.  It’s 41 degrees.  And, windy.  And cloudy.  Nope.

5:17: Just kidding.  It’s still happening.  I wasn’t supposed to close the window on the door, apparently.  Man.  For a little guy–he sure is noisy.

5:23: The big kid is STARVING and is eating a huge snack.  Now the little guy is having a huge snack too.  Good thing I wasn’t hungry for dinner anytime too soon.  I don’t, actually, cook too much for dinner on Monday’s anyway.  I take the night to clean out the leftovers from the fridge, before getting back into a week of cooking.

5:30: Eh.  Screw it.  We’re grabbing a snack and heading downstairs to go play and finish folding clothes.  Not like either kid will be hungry for awhile anyway.

5:34: Uhm.  Why the HELL is my laundry room SOAKED!?  There is standing water all over the place.  And, all the things on the floor are soaked.  And, the carpet leading into the basement is soaking, and so is the wall.  Our hot water heater is leaking a bit…shit, maybe it exploded from out of the bottom, or something?  My husband is going to freak out.  I need a mop…

5:44: Holy crap.  My husband is home from work already.  Why is he here so early?  And, the laundry room is still freakin’ soaked.

5:58: Just found a bouncy ball in the drainage area.  Gonna go out on a limb and guess my toddler finally got the ball where he was always hoping to get it.  I’m also going to guess that the water softener had no place to drain into as it did its system flushy thing.  Yeah.  My toddler just flooded part of the basement.

9:47:  Well, since 6ish, the kids have had their dinner, I folded a load of laundry and washed one more, had some decent conversation with the husband, listened to the big kid practice her Cello, showered, followed up on another email, assisted in hamster cage cleaning, squeezed in a couple more photos for editing, got the little guy in bed, braided the big kids hair for the ‘perfect beach waves’ tomorrow and am now, finally, going to have dinner.  It’s late–but, my husband and I are watching Game of Thrones tonight, so, we’ll make fun food and enjoy the hell out of it on the couch.

12:18: Holy shit.  That was a quick couple of episodes.  I need to sleep.  Bad.  Tomorrow, I have so much more to do, while pretty much doing all the same…and, it all starts in less than seven hours.

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  1. jenty says:

    LOVED this blog post and all the images 🙂
    Giggled at the tantrum at the door, and the last one in bed is stunning


    1. Hah! I’m glad you can find the humor in there, too 🙂 And, thank you, jenty. I was so tired and just crossing my fingers that last photo worked. retaking it just wasn’t going to happen.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Colleen & Don says:

    You are an amazing talented woman,thanks for sharing🍀


    1. Thank you, Colleen 🙂 Coming from you, especially, I take that as a really big compliment.


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