Anoka Headshots :: Male Portrait Photography

Client post!  I spose I have to take a quick break, here and there, from my regular posts to show off my clients, huh?  A few weeks back I posted a photo blog about the Saint Michael Head Shot Session, I did.  Well, sure enough, the beard came off and here we are, again.  This time, he met me on my turf, downtown Anoka.  I took him to my favorite walls and, low and behold, he was the first person that understood the differences, and awesomeness, within simple, brick walls.  (Yes.  I have a favorite brick wall.)  ((Or, maybe he just pretended to get it, as to not make me feel so odd–either way, I’ll take it.))  We wrapped up the shots pretty quickly; popped in, briefly, to an open mic night at the local coffee house; met, and chatted, a bit, with a man who was very insistent that Jesus does, indeed, love us and then spent about another hour, standing at our vehicles, chattin’ about life, and the powers/curses of being a creative soul.

On the way home I was struck by the beauty of the sunset, over the Mississippi, so I stopped to grab a quick shot of that.

mississippi sunset

That night was a long one for me…I had a million thoughts swirling around in my brain, fresh photos to edit, and music that needed to be listened to–so, all of those things (plus some whiskey) kept me up, and going, until almost 3 am.  It was a much needed chunk of time for me, that felt, surprisingly, better than one might think when the alarm still goes off at 6:30. 🙂

Now I’m planning a destination wedding trip to Nebraska.  It started off as me, just going by myself–and now it’s turned into a road trip, with one of my best friends, and her parents, and we’re planning to stay at a senior living home.  Since those aren’t opportunities you get often–I’m runnin’ with it and am ridiculously excited!  I’m planning to keep the blog challenge alive early next week in another post–so, keep your eyes out for it.  (Or, avoid my blog around that time like the plague it can tend to be. 😉 )

In case you missed the first two in the challenge series…here they are:


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