Updated Head Shots :: Saint Michael Photography

Okay…so, we played around a bit and maybe got a little more than just a couple of head shots, BUT when a bearded musician, with the dream of putting together a non-profit to bring music to kids says, ‘Hey, Mel, I need some head shots–you up for it?’  I say…of course.  Obviously.  I think they turned out pretty good–but, clearly, due to my love of beards and drums (and the whole fact that I took the photos), I’m a little bit biased.  It’s really fun to break out of my children, family, and floral, photography zone and shoot something totally different.  It’s difficult to find men who actually want to be photographed–especially alone.  When an updated, professional, look is needed though–all bets are off.

Since the beard has been tamed, I’m sure I’ll have some more photos of this guy coming up.  I look forward to being an observer, and creative consultant, as he marches (pun intended, because puns are awesome) forward with his project.  (Oh, and I totally just gave myself the title of creative consultant, btw.  It sounds good, and makes me seem official.)


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