Photography Mini Sessions :: Minneapolis Area Family Photographer

This is my editing marathon weekend.  Well, I should say was…considering it’s almost over.  Yesterday, I bribed myself with a bottle of wine to get a bunch of stuff done, and today, well, today I’m exactly where I want to be.  (Amazing how that works 😉 ) All I have to do it put my physical, client, packages together and get them out tomorrow, or Tuesday.  It’s such a great feeling.  I just sat down to finish a few things up and watch the Viking vs Bears game.  I made it 15 minutes into the game and turned on Netflix–Law and Order SVU is much more what I’m in the mood for today.  (Though a bit more distracting.)

Well…that was random.

ANYWAY, what do you think of these gorgeous photos?  I adore this family.  So, SO, much.  All five of these ladies have such big, and unique, personalities.  They are all so smart, educated, involved, personable and charismatic.  Every time I get to work with them I just love to see the growth that has happened since I saw them last; and, every time I work with them, I walk away feeling uplifted and excited.

If you’re still needing photos for 2014–I’m still booking into late November and early December, if you’re still looking to squeeze in a quick session for the Holiday cards.  I totally get procrastinating, and being a procrastinator (and I absolutely understand being busy)–so, I’m offering Mini-Sessions.  (I understand all of this, so well…because I, too, am busy and I also procrastinate.  Hence the need to bribe myself with wine to accomplish anything 🙂 )

Mini Session Flyer

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