Newsletter, Ladies Night and Even a Selfie :: Champlin Photographer Updates

I really like these blogs…my ‘random’ ones.  I do so much work client, and ‘work‘ work–and most of my blogs reflect that.  However, in my personal photography time I do a lot more.  (Like leading a Photowalk, telling a summer vacation story for fun, or breaking out the phone to document a day in the life with my baby.  Just to name a few.)  I have a few topics for this blog o’ random…my newsletter, a Ladies Night out recap and my most recent, Halloween-themed, self portrait–which contains a spider, you’ve been warned. 🙂

Let’s start with the kinda for fun, kinda for work one…my newsletter.  I know lots of photographers do this with varied luck–my motivation behind a newsletter is not for a sale, or to pull people in–it’s to keep in touch with folks that I wouldn’t necessarily have reason to keep in contact with.  I mean, emailing clients, and random contacts to just say hi is weird–for all of us.  Handing out my card really puts all the responsibility on the client to track me down and I know that when I get a card from someone–I typically forget all about it by the time I get home.  Unless it’s someone that is selling something I really need–right NOW, or someone I really want as a contact in my field, I don’t often track people down.  A newsletter lets me connect, seasonally, with people who would otherwise, probably forget about me.  Plus, I get to feature some of my favorite photos and put something pretty together 🙂  Obviously, here and Facebook are the best ways to stay current with me though.

Here is the fall edition.  Click on the photo to go read the newsletter without having to severely squint.  If you’d like to be on the mailing list, please go here and sign up.  All I need is your name, email and the then click the box that says you’d like to receive my newsletter.  It’s super easy.  And, I hate spam, so I don’t spam.

Melissa Peifer Photography Newsletter

Next on my list of random is a quick update from Ladies Night Out, over in Saint Anthony.  It was so much fun for me.  It turned into much more of a networking night for me than anything.  I met, and had such great conversation with so many incredible women.  I left feeling energized and really excited about some new connections.  Plus, it’s just so nice to chat, hear stories, discuss work, cute boots and new opportunities.  Here’s a photo of me at my table.

Ladies Night Out

And, lastly…my latest Halloween self-portrait.  I never used to do any ‘selfies’.  They were stupid and only for narcissists.  (Those were my exact, deep, thoughts on the subject.)  Then, a few years ago…when looking through photos, I realized that maybe one, out of every 20 had me in them.  Most of them had me chewing, or were just of my butt while my five year old was running around with my camera. ( sigh )  I started to think that maybe I should take matters into my own hands…someday, my kids might like them.  However, unexpectedly, through self-portraiture–my confidence with my own clients and models has exploded.  I started playing with light, posing, make-up, props and emotion.  And, I don’t feel awkward doing it–because, well, it’s just me I’m working with.  I bring what I’ve taught myself to all of my sessions now.  I know how to get the look I want without making my client waste a ton of time and think I’m an idiot as I ‘play’ with them.  I post almost all of them on Google+ and have been doing so for years.  I’ve become quite active in the self-portraiture communities over there and have helped moderate groups, as well.

Anyway…here is my Halloween-themed photo.  I’ve had that little guy for 16 years now…she’s been through a lot with me.  If you’re interested in checking out some older photos, click here.  Looking through my G+ albums will pull many more current ones, as well.




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