Fall Family Photos :: Minneapolis Photographer

So…uhm, I feel like I’m cheating this Fall.  The weather has been SO nice and the colors so vivid that, as a Photographer, I feel as if I could go out there and shoot with my eyes closed and still get stunning results.  I don’t ever remember a more perfect fall here in Minnesota.  Do you remember the blog I did a few blogs ago about my fall fail?   Well, as it turns out–this re-do, was totally meant to happen this way 🙂  The colors were breathtaking over at Powderhorn Park in Minneapolis–when we were going to initially shoot, the colors hadn’t completely peaked yet.  It was a chilly morning, yet the little one was SUCH a trooper. (Cuddles from mom and dad helped out a ton with that though–instant warmth!)  We shot for about an hour and then called it a day, while playing at the playground.  Oh, and their choice or wearing that blue–genius!  The colors are just stunning.  I think these are the photos that everyone wants this time of year–but can be so hard to get.

For me, this weekend is ‘off’ and is a huge, catch-up, weekend instead.  This past week was just so busy with Ladies Night Out prep, work and with editing, that this weekend (and next week), are just time for me to catch back up, and {hopefully} get ahead–before getting busy with more family sessions.  I also wrote up, and put together a bid on another photography job this past week–I’ll have many more details if it comes together.  I have severe anxiety that I underbid myself quite badly.  That is a really difficult thing to do, btw.  Selling yourself as a ‘full package’, putting a price tag on what you do and then handing it off to someone to judge is totally nerve wracking.  Ugh.

Oh.  Also this weekend…I should probably get to raking up all of those beautiful leaves.  That’s the not-so-fun part of this time of year, isn’t it?   (I just keep telling myself that it’s a good workout–especially when it comes to all the candy I devour this time of year.  Hmmm, actually, exercise and candy are pretty much the only ways I can properly motivate myself to get anything done lately…if it were up to me, I’d be living in my bed with my blankets, a hot toddy and my laptop.  Oh, and Netflix.)


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