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It’s gonna be a whirlwind sort of a week over here for me.  To which I am, absolutely, not ready for–but, that’s normal.  I work best under pressure 🙂  (Don’t ask anyone around me about that though.  They think I get cranky–I call it focused.)  I have to research some building history and contact a historical society for work, create and submit a bid for a photography job that I would love, edit, blog here and for work and get all ready for Thursday’s, Ladies Night Out in Saint Anthony.  I’m doin’ it this year.  I’m gonna go sell some stuff–greeting cards and mini-session, gift cards.  I always say I’m going to do stuff like that–but, I never do.  I don’t know why…just don’t.

I think I’m mostly ready for it.  I still want to make a few more cards, and the gift cards.  I found my sign and my most recent portfolio.  I have all my business cards and newsletters almost ready to go.  I have bags.  I need receipts–and, probably a calculator since my math skills are definitely not up to par with, well, anything that goes past 2nd grade math.  I should find my table and tablecloth…and, hmmm…dang, this blog has basically just turned into the most boring, to-do list, ever.  That must be pretty boring for you, my reader…

Anyway, if you’re out, and about, this Thursday evening–take a stop by.  There will be vendors with 31 bags and Scentsy and some other stuff too.  I’ll be there, of course 🙂


Signs, bags, and cards--oh myyyyyyy...

If you need more details, let me know!
If you need more details, let me know!








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